One-time Setup

    • If you need a new website
    • We first generate a visual representation website to get your approval
    • We then design a custom website from the ground up specifically suited to your industry and needs
    • We sign you up for hosting and a domain name under your name
    • What happens if you already have a website?
    • If you enjoy your current website design, but realize it's just out of date or not mobile friendly, we can help
    • We will perform an audit of your website to identify areas of improvement and detail recommendations
    • Upon approval we proceed with updating your website with your latest content
  • We ensure your website operates across all platforms (desktop and mobile)
  • We ensure your business is on Google places so customers can easily find you

Free Updates

Our difference lies in providing free updating to your website content. This way there is no reason for your website to not be up to date
  • When you have updates (pictures, schedules, events), email us and we will update your website typically within 24-48hrs
  • For most small graphics we can generate them at no charge. If there are significant banners or artwork you need designed, please contact us to discuss pricing.
$199/mo it's that simple.

If you don’t currently have hosting to store your website and a domain name, we can provide seperate pricing on that. However, if you already have a website you’re all set.

We understand and cater to small businesses

Don’t have a website yet? No problem. Already have one, but it’s hopelessly out of date? No problem. Website doesn’t show well on mobile devices? No problem......I think you’re getting the idea.

We realize that web presence is critical to your business success. We also realize that you don’t have time to constantly update your website. By taking care of the updates and technical aspects of websites, you can focus on running the rest of the business knowing that it is representing you in the best possible light.

We also understand that the large upfront cost of a website can be prohibitive to a small business. That’s why we provide you a website for free and instead charge you a small flat monthly fee.

We try to meet you where your level of understanding is at and discuss with you the upgrade using non technical jargon.